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Stuart Dent’s passion for motorsport was kindled more than half a century ago with visits to Hednesford Raceway, his local short track oval.

            In Both Sides of the Barrier: The A-Side (1957-1979) - the first of two volumes - Stuart recalls with infectious enthusiasm his many escapades, ranging from sneaking on to F1 grids as a teenager, sleeping in all manner of places and blagging lifts in racing transporters, until finally access to the inner sanctum; a job with Autosport. His efforts to see racing cars in the flesh, no matter what it took, had reaped the ultimate reward.

            Complementing the informative text is an extraordinary selection of photos taken on a humble Kodak Instamatic camera, which Stuart acquired free with a bag of Liquorice Allsorts!

            Motorsport enthusiasts of all ages are in for a visual and textual treat as Stuart vividly takes you for a nostalgia joyride of epic proportions.



BOTH SIDES OF THE BARRIER (Signed by Stuart Dent)

  • 230mm x 230mm

    184 pages hardback

    Printed on 150gsm silk paper

    ISBN 978-1-7385085-2-5

    Designed and printed in Great Britain

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