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Welcome to BHP Publishing, the realisation of a long-held ambition by its founders, Darren Banks and Kevin Guthrie. BHP Publishing’s goal is to produce high quality books on both car and motorcycle racing history. Based in Fife, all of our books are designed and produced in Great Britain. 

Darren saw his first book published in 2017, a critically acclaimed biography of Stephen South, which was a finalist in the RAC Motoring Book of the Year competition. 2020 saw the publication of a work on Welsh driver Tom Pryce, the first book which Darren and Kevin collaborated on. In 2022 Darren was responsible, along with Alan Bowles, for a nostalgic book celebrating half a century of the Formula Ford Festival. 2023 brought independent releases from both Darren (Gerry Birrell, Lost Before His Time) and Kevin (Jim Crawford, Lessons in Courage). These were followed up by another joint effort about Leicestershire driver, Roger Williamson.

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